Tuesday, December 14, 2010


WOO HOOO!!!! Ten pounds lost!
I weighed in yesterday at 161 lbs! It is going to feel amazing to get back into the 150's! I haven't noticed a big difference in my clothes..but I never really do. Chad has noticed a change in my self confidence. It feels great to see progress!
I know that Christmas week is going to be VERY difficult! My Mom and Chad's mom always have a lot of appetizers and sweets as well as huge Christmas dinners! I will tak'er easy on the potatoes and stuffing this year. Can't make any promises on the wine though :)
Goal for next week: To be in the 150's!
Merry Christmas to all!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, December 6, 2010

A little more hot yoga and a little less consuming everything in sight.

You may have noticed that I did not complete a blog last week.  I was the exact same weight as the week before.  This did not feel like a success to me.  I walked straight from the scale to the freezer and consumed 1 litre of cookies and cream icecream.  I was so upset with myself and ready to give up.  

Thursday night I was scheduled to carpool with 3 friends to drive to Dundas for an 8:00pm hot yoga class.  Who wants to eat their face off and then do 90 minutes of an intense workout in that heat? NOT ME! The obligation to remain faithful to those friends and the plan to go to hot yoga made me rethink the choice to quit.
I weighed in today at 162.5 lbs...that’s an 8.5lb loss since the start of this blog!  Next week, I hope to be down a full 10 lbs, something about 10 lbs seems so sweet. 

I promise from this point on, I will even blog about my failures (let’s hope there aren’t anymore! It’s time to reach my goal!).

Monday, November 22, 2010

Lots of cheating, but still down :)

Today I weighed in at 165.5lbs. Yes, this is only half of a pound. Before you judge, you should hear about my week: I did a great job at staying healthy all week long, with the exception of Saturday night. Saturday a few of my elementary school friends and I got together at my place for food, drinks, games and a sleepover!  I had a hamburger, potato salad, garlic bread, mini quiche, spring rolls, chocolate peanut butter dessert, jelly beans, a punch bowl full of “punch” and a punch bowl full of sangria! 

I am very happy with my indulging resulting in a half pound loss, rather than the gain that I had been expecting! Next week should be better my friends!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Monday November 15th, 2010

I weighed in at a wonderful 166 lbs!!!!!! That it 5 pounds in one week!!! I know that the first week is when you lose the most weight and not to expect this amount next week, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t CELEBRATE IT!!!!!! OH YEAH, LOST 5 POUNDS, YEAH!!!

16 pounds to go! Weight Watchers suggests that 2 pounds a week is a good and healthy goal. So that would be 8 weeks from now! That would take me to Monday January 10th! It would be so nice to ring in the new year  with my resolution already met! I would need a new one!

Hopefully this week goes well! I am going to try to eat more raw fresh veggies and stay away from the wine and my mother in law (baking, baking, baking!)

Have you thought about your New Years resolution?
When you are dieting, do you find the first week the hardest?

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Feels Great!

Just a quick note...
I know that this is only my 3rd day...but even that is an accomplishment for me! I have not fallen of the wagon yet and am very motivated!
I am very excited and already think that I look better (I know this is psychological!)
I normally eat out of sheer boredom, or for the fun of it. I consider eating a hobby that I enjoy!
In the beginning I was regretting this blog, but now I am thankful for it! 
I look forward to Tuesday's post!
WOO HOO!!!!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My last resort!

I am quite disappointed in myself and I plan to make a change here today.

I had a baby on June 19, 2010. She is an amazing little girl and I love her more than anything.
However, before Tahlia I was maintaining a weight of 150 lbs. (Normally I would exaggerate those numbers to be a much smaller one!)  I am being honest, even though it may be a little humiliating. I am 5' 8" and the smallest I have been was 143 lbs and that was 2 years ago.

During my pregnancy I gained 43 pounds and weighed in at a whopping 193 lbs! I was so afraid to break the 200 mark, or weigh more than Chad (husband)! After I had Tahlia, I began dropping the weight rather quickly; I was down to 165lbs in no time. Slowly the weight has stopped decreasing in numbers and started increasing. I weighed in last night at 171 lbs, which explains my disappointment.

This blog is my last resort. Publicly displaying my weight and potential progress for the entire internet world to see leaves me vulnerable and open to failure.

My goal is to drop 21 lbs, and hopefully within the next 6 months. I will blog once a week (hopefully every Tuesday) I will officially weigh myself in on Monday’s @ 7:59pm (right before Gossip Girl!) I will post my weight every week for the next 6 months or until I reach my goal of 150 lbs.

Is it hard for you to lose weight?
What do you do to reach your weight loss goals?
What is your favourite healthy recipe?